Un video de aliento

Este chico comparte su caminar ex-gay.

~ por refreshingfromheaven en octubre 13, 2007.

4 comentarios to “Un video de aliento”

  1. How wonderful when the true testimonial of Jesus comes through when we are able to not only acknowledge ourselves for who we really are, but also as you have said in your video…

    renewing of the Mind through Christ you now notice what use to define you no loner defines you.

    As with any addiction, it always is there, but as time heals the addiction fades. And this He has assured you that He will be the substance and provision to continue to fill your heart, until you are consumed by Him.

    Bless you always in Christ Jesus.

  2. Just for the sake of truth, I’m not the guy on the video. It’s a video that I found on YouTube. I’ve subscribed to this person, so I get often his answers. It is indeed wonderful that such testimonials come to surface in this world subdued to political correctness. The truth of Jesus was never politically correct!

  3. You said it … ” the truth of Jesus was never politically correct”

    I wasn’t sure if the video was you or someone else… I just recently added a translator to my tool-bar so I can read your pages.

    I believe you are a Bold one for Christ. May our Lord Jesus keep you and hedge you always in Him.

  4. Thanks Oxysmoron for your encouragement. The video isn’t mine indeed. I started this blog for several reasons: the first to vent in my mother tonge, then to provide the Spanish speaking people with at least one ex-gay blog (since there are very few, while in English one gets lots of resources), and somehow to share with the eventual readers bits of my journey into wholeness in Jesus.

    Be blessed!


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